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caffeine and l-theanine for more energy
Caffeine and L-Theanine: Solving the Question of Brain Versus Brawn

Real Energy combines caffeine and L-theanine for the optimal energy boost without jitters. Read more to find out how!

march is real energy month
Real Energy Month Has Arrived

Real Energy Month: it’s coming in like a lion

Vegan BCAAs
Do Amino Acids Give You Wings?

What are BCAAs? Where are vegan BCAAs sourced from? Read this article to learn more and know what you’re putting into your body.

Protein Bites
Plant Strong Protein Bites: Small Bites, Big Taste

Looking for a quick and easy recipe that packs a ton of protein, and also tastes good? You’ve found the right one: Plant Strong protein bites.

Canada's Food Guide
Canada’s New Food Guide – Why It’s Important

Last month, Canada’s new Food Guide was released, and since then, people are talking about the changes. Find out why it’s important.

Dr. Burke talks to CBC Listen about the food waste issue
Food Waste Issue: Dr. Burke on CBC Listen

Our CEO, Dr. Darren Burke, spoke to CBC Listen to discuss the food waste issue. Learn how TDF Sports’ parent company, Beyond Food Inc., is solving it.

Funding for sustainable nutrition
Funding Sustainable Nutrition: TDF Parent Company BEYOND FOOD INC Raises $1 Million

TDF Sports’ parent company, Beyond Food Inc., is making waves in the world of sustainable nutrition by receiving $1 million in funding.

Choosing safe sports supplements
New Logo Makes NSF Certified for Sport Supplements Easy to Find

Heads up athletes, start looking for a new logo on NSF Certified for Sport supplements.

TDF Sports Nutrition
TDF Sports Nutrition: What’s In A Name?

Introducing TDF Sports Nutrition

Vegan pantry essentials: from grains to protein powder
Your Vegan Pantry: 8 Must-Have Ingredients

Staple items for your vegan pantry to make plant-based eating simple and quick.

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