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What’s In A Name?

You probably noticed that we switched our name and logo on social media, and maybe you wondered why? We launched The Doctor’s Formula brand in late September 2018 and things have been super busy ever since. Our products have been selling very well. In fact, we have been sold out on many items often. This is a welcome problem with a new brand and something we will likely see in the future with some of the new products we are launching.

We listen to all feedback, regardless of if positive or negative about everything from product formulations, names, taste and packaging. One thing that happened organically from our professional athlete ambassadors and partner organizations is the shortening of our name to the abbreviated “TDF”. As anyone that has ever played competitive sports knows athletes love to give nicknames to teammates and create shortened versions for things they like. It was exciting for us to see athletes reaching out in messages and calls requesting more “TDF” product. The other thing they asked for is swag, such as t-shirts, shaker cups and hats. They wanted to thank us for making the best plant-based supplements for athletes.

TJ and I are athletes first and sports nutrition entrepreneurs second. As such, we are plugged in to what the pros think about our brand and how they speak about our company and products. On a recent long flight from Halifax to Calgary we mocked up a new label on an Air Canada napkin. It is based on our original name and new name as TDF Sports. If you look closely at the icon inside the circle you will see the “T”, “D”, and “F”. It also looks like a “V” for vegan in the centre as well.

Our new name is TDF Sports and our slogan will proudly be displayed on all labels moving forward: “Plant Based Supplements for Athletes”.

Dr Darren Burke,
Co-Founder & CEO

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