Dr. Darren Burke, CEO

Our CEO is a former elite athlete, scientist, and entrepreneur. He was the first to create supplements built specifically for athletes in drug-tested sports.

Dr. Burke leads product development and ensures each product is built to improve performance, benefit health and positively impact our planet. His picture appears on each label next to an original formula customized for your enjoyment.

He grew up in a middle-class neighbourhood playing sports, doing well in school and contributing to social causes. He considers himself lucky to have been pretty good at hockey, martial arts, and flatwater canoeing. Otherwise, he would not have been able to pay for the travel and equipment related to sports.

Dr. Burke completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees quickly and started a career as an academic researcher investigating the effects of diet and exercise on performance and body composition. His scientific work caught the attention of several top sport nutrition companies, which would result in him doing product development for some of the largest supplement brands in the world. His name still appears on some of their products and advertisements.

Leaving Academic Life and The Future

In 2008, Dr. Burke left academic life and started a supplement line based on his research and background in sports. This was the first brand built specifically for athletes in drug-tested sports. It quickly became a huge success and became the number one sports nutrition brand for athletes. The company was acquired in 2013, which provided much needed financial relief but also included a five-year non-compete clause. At the time he didn’t think much of this constraint; however, the inability to do what he spent his life doing would prove to be challenging. He moved with his family to the west coast spending time in Berkeley, California and then Vancouver, BC. He switched to a plant-based diet and studied sustainable models of farming and produce distribution in his spare time.

During a homeless shelter fundraising function that included a number of athletes, he decided to focus on creating a new model of nutrition that was sustainable. Since he spent the majority of his life developing cutting-edge natural health products, he started with the creation of a unique sport nutrition line up. However, this time it needed to be vegan and manufactured using a sustainable nutrition model that reduced food waste and helped those in need. It’s appropriately named TDF Sports (formerly known as The Doctor’s Formula).

Dr. Burke lives with his wife Natalie and his two children, Charlie and Lauren, and two dogs. He leads a healthy active lifestyle, mentors numerous entrepreneurs and actively involves himself with the development of inner city housing.