PLANT STRONG Sniper Challenge Meal Donation

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In addition to the Plant Strong Sniper Challenge Bundle you can also donate individual meals with this coupon. The meal donation will include a meal replacement smoothie featuring fresh fruits and vegetables and our Plant Strong Protein.

The Plant Strong Sniper Challenge aims to ease the burden on those who lack the proper resources to maintain a healthy diet. We're teaming up with some of our friends from the NHL to take part in our Plant Strong Sniper Challenge. Together with NHL athletes Matt Duchene, Mark Scheifele, Logan Couture, Torey Krug, and several others, we have created a fun challenge that raises food donations for those in need. The objective is simple, the more targets the athletes hit, the more meals we donate. 

During the challenge, each athlete will be equipped with paintball markers or lacrosse balls and their accuracy will be put to the test. Several targets will be situated in locations with varying difficulties and the athletes will be challenged with hitting as many as they can. On behalf of each athlete, we will donate a meal every time they hit a target. Also included at the end of the challenge will be a bonus round featuring our wild creative director, The Wheel. In the bonus round, The Wheel is the target and will be mobile while the athletes take aim. Additional meals will be donated for every time the athletes hit their mark during this round.

We would like to acknowledge all of the athletes who have participated in the Plant Strong Sniper Challenge, and we also extend a special thank you to all of you for taking part in supporting someone in need.

PLANT STRONG Sniper Challenge Meal Donation - TDF SPORTS